What is a Pop Up Tent Camper, Is It Right For Me?Pop up tent trailer rentals are lightweight and easy to manage. Essentially, they’re lightweight rugged tents you tow behind your vehicle. When it’s time to set up camp, you simply “pop up” the tent section of the camper. Tent campers are not flimsy just because they have hi tech rip-stop sides. A pop-up camper will still keep you comfortable and safe, and offers more amenities than a tent above ground. If you seek a camper that you can go anywhere with, these are the tent campers for you.

Pros Of Pop Up Tent Trailers

As with all RVs, if you’re thinking about renting a pop up tent trailer, here are a few things to think about:

Pop Up Camper Pros

  • Pop up tent trailer rentals will not cost you an arm and a leg. They are some of the least expensive options out there because they’re not motorized and they’re not huge.
  • Pop up camper rentals in Bend, Oregon are super light. That means you may even be able to tow one with your car! They average about 600 pounds, and most vehicles are equipped to tow up to 3,500. Because they have a low profile, they don’t sway as much as travel trailers and fifth wheels. That’s great news if you’re inexperienced with towing.
  • They’re smaller, which gives you more freedom when camping. Their compact size lets you camp in areas where large RVs won’t fit.
  • Despite their small size, pop up campers still have plenty of room for storage. Many models have a cargo hatch in the body of the camper. Some have storage boxes attached to the outside of the trailer. You’ll also find storage for outdoor toys, like bikes and kayaks, on the support racks.
  • They are an excellent choice for camping in nice weather. They have mesh “windows” throughout, so you’ll always get a nice breeze flowing through the camper.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Pop Up Tent Trailer in Bend, Oregon?

So now that you’ve decided you want to rent a pop up tent camper, you’re probably wondering how much pop up tent trailers for rent cost.  All inclusive pop up trailers will run you between $100 – $150 per day. Cheaper than a hotel in most cases, plus you can take your kitchen with you. Pop up tent trailer rentals in Bend, Oregon are great for those who like a traditional camping experience, with slightly more amenities than a regular tent would provide. Plus, you get the bonus of saving money and still having room to carry your outdoor gear.

Rent your tent camper today!