Best Deals on Pop Up Camper Rentals in Bend, Oregon

$99 pop up camper rentals in Bend are an amazing way to experience an RV vacation into Oregon’s outback. Compared to other recreational vehicles like motor homes or camper vans, these campers allow you to go virtually anywhere. Book yours today!

Why Should I Rent a Pop Up Trailer in Bend?

Like travel trailers, you can’t drive a pop up camper – you have to tow it! Which means, you can detach the pop up camper from your vehicle and use it to go to the grocery store or hiking or any other fun attractions. With a motor home, unless you tow a car behind you (which further reduces already low gas mileage), you have to unhook and bring this big vehicle anywhere you go.

You Can go Virtually Anywhere in a Pop Up Camper

Because pop up campers are so small, you’re able to go pretty much anywhere you’d like! Whether your ideal location is the middle of the Alvord desert, on top of a mountain in the Cascades, near a waterfall in Bend or on an Oregon beach, as long as you have a vehicle that can get you and your pop up tent trailer there, you’re able to stay. Rent yours in Bend today!