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We provide camping tent trailers and camping tent campers for your next outdoor adventures here in oregon and beyond. Rent a rugged luxury tent camper for weddings, reunions, music festivals, adventure road trips, or even backyard slumber parties today!
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From luxury glamping tent camper rentals, we help you to flawlessly picture, plan, and provide that glamping experience that you and your family have been dreaming of here in Oregon. Let us handle the mobile outdoor sleeping accommodations and luxury all in one tent camper set up so all you need to do is hook up and go! Our camper rentals come fully stocked with the necessary comforts for sleeping steps away from a crackling campfire, let’s go camping!

Summer Festival Tent Camper Rentals

Wondering what to do in Oregon and California in the summer? A festival tent camper rental is always an excellent option. California summer music is sunshine in sound form. So braid your hair, dab sparkles all over your body, and make the pilgrimage to sun-soaked campgrounds in your camping vehicle from Bend, Oregon.

Our five favorite summer festivals are:

  • Joshua Tree Music Festival – This bi-annual festival is a colorful celebration of music, creativity, and community in one of California’s most beautiful locations. It’s both family and camping friendly, with plenty of art and yoga to complement the music. Tent camper rentals.
  • Beyond Wonderland – A visually spectacular electronic music festival, Beyond Wonderland is an immersive experience.
  • Northern Nights – Taking place in Cook’s Valley, just 3.5 hours north of San Francisco, this is a festival for anyone who loves nature, art, music, and a peaceful, loving environment.Tent camper rentals.
  • High Sierra Music Festival – High Sierra is a multi-day music festival held in the mountains. It’s held each weekend on the weekend of July 4 and has been held since 1991.Tent camper rentals.
  • Lightning in a Bottle – Held on the Central Coast Region, this is a dynamic and multi-genre music festival. It’s a true feel-good experience as the whole festival is centered around sustainability and cultural respect.Tent camper rentals.

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