Tent Camper Rentals and Vacations in Bend, Oregon

Tent camper rentals are the gateway to outdoor family fun across Oregon and the USA. While backpacking provides a pristine wilderness experience, it can be logistically daunting, especially for families with young kids. Rent your tent camper in Bend, Oregon today and have the very best outdoor experiences.

Tent Camper Rental Freedom

Tent camper rentals lets you load our rugged tent campers with your food and gear—with room for a cooler, that extra-thick sleeping pad, and your child’s stuffy, or three—and roll right up to a remote spot in America’s backcountry to play. Developed campsites are another option and have camp hosts who sell firewood, bathrooms with toilet paper, and nature trails often start right there. Families with even the youngest kids can enjoy the great outdoors from such a home base.

Reserve Your Campsites Today

In some parts of Oregon, you may be able to wait to book your campsite location at least until the snow has started to melt. But in others, if you’re not booking summer campsites mid-winter, at least for weekend dates, you’ll be forced to either roll the dice on first-come, first-served sites or find undeveloped sites on public lands. Skip the uncertainty by planning early when you book your tent camper today!

Go to booking websites like ReserveAmerica.com or Recreation.gov and enter Oregon when it asks “Where” or “Where to,” and then search by the Map function. Each option will have descriptions explaining if fishing and trails are available at that campsite, for instance, and most will have photos. This is the BEST way to get your campsites reserved for this summer’s tent camper adventures. In popular areas, weekdays are easier to book than weekends.

Booking Campsites Six Month Windows and More

Many campgrounds book-out six months—to the day—ahead of time. Some book-out four months to the day. For instance, if you’re looking to reserve a popular campsite with a six-month booking window for Friday, August 30th of Labor Day weekend, you’ll want to get online (likely at midnight, if it’s very popular) to reserve an ideal campsite in that campground on February 30th. Put a reminder in your calendar, as some campgrounds fill up within minutes of the booking window opening. Be ready the moment the window opens, even if that means setting an alarm for just before midnight.

National Park Tent Camper Adventures

Unfortunately, some of the best family campgrounds have the most complicated reservation systems. Don’t get discouraged—they’re worth it. For instance, Yosemite’s seven reserveable campgrounds are booked under the following protocol: “in blocks of one month at a time, up to five months in advance, on the 15th of each month at 7 a.m. Pacific time.” Go to specific national park websites for detailed reservation info. Alternative: Missed the window or you’re simply not a planner? You’re not out of luck. Most national parks set aside a good portion of campsites for first-come, first-served visitors.

Some good national park campground options for tent camper rental adventures include:

YellowstoneMadison. Convenient location near attractions like Old Faithful; Flat, paved roads good for small kids on bikes. Booking for each season starts May 1 each year. Tent camper rentals.

als are the best way to go here.- YosemiteUpper Pines. Two hundred thirty eight sites available in the heart of Yosemite Valley, near many famous hiking trails. Booking opens five months in advance on the 15th of each month at 10:00 a.m. (ET).Tent camper rentals.

Grand CanyonMather. Located within Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim, this campsite has 327 available campsites. Booking opens five months in advance on the 15th of each month at 10:00 a.m. (ET).Tent camper rentals.

Great SmokyElkmont. Waterfront sites available along the Little Front River. Booking starts six months to the day in advance, 10 a.m. (ET).Tent camper rentals.

ShenendoahBig Meadows. Over 200 sites among thick trees and near waterfall hikes. Booking starts six months to the day in advance, releasing at 10 a.m. (ET)/7 a.m. (PT).Tent camper rentals.

AcadiaBlackwoods. Wooded campsites with a 10-minute walk to the ocean, and five miles from Bar Harbor for easy resupplying. Booking starts six months to the day in advance, 10 a.m. (ET)/7 a.m. (PT).Tent camper rentals.

Natural features, like rocks and hillsides, also make for great “backyards” to individual campsites that kids can play on while remaining in sight.

Campsites with RV icons have hook-ups for electricity and water if your wanting more amenities. They’re perfectly fine for tent camper camping. It’s ideal to find a tent site amidst other tent sites (most campgrounds separate tents and RVs).