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Camper rentals in Bend, Oregon give you access to the great outdoors – for less. Tent campers are the lightweight alternative to giant RV’s. All in one tent campers allow you freedom to explore more of Oregon and go further to places boxy, expensive RV’s cannot even dream of going. Rent your rugged tent camper in Bend, Oregon today!

Other Uses For a Luxury Camper Rental You May Not Have Considered This Year

Camping is not the only thing one may need a recreational vehicle in Bend, Oregon for this year. Here are some of the reasons to consider camper rentals, ease of rental and set up are just two:

Extended Adventure Tent Camper Vacationing — The most comfortable way to see America for 10-30 days at a time is with a tent camper rental because your hotel and restaurant travel with you. If you are looking to explore the USA this is the #1 way to see all the great sights and save you a great deal of money.

  • Tent Camper Rentals for Houseguests — How many times have you had out-of-town visitors in Bend, and wondered where you would put them all? With camper rentals, you have an extension of your home right in your driveway, with all the comforts needed for your guests. Need extra space for the teenagers and kiddos?
  • Part Time Tent Camper Residence — Recently purchased land by the ocean, or a plat of land by a lake? Take a long term rental on a tent camper for a summer and have an instant home when you arrive.
  • Tent Camper Emergency Services — Another way that camper rentals may be used, is for emergency purposes. Bend, Oregon sits in the middle of some of the biggest forest fire zones in the West. Wildland fire teams or Pittsburg Fire Watch Company officials who are battling forest fires, or hot shot crews love our rugged tent campers for firebases and fire operations needing a comfortable overnight command center.

Big Mountain Adventures in Bend, Oregon has a huge inventory of camper rentals available this year. If you have never traveled in a camper, take advantage of our rental program to see if it is as enjoyable for you as it is for the rest of America – in style – for less!

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