Camper Rentals | RV Rentals in Bend Oregon | Lowest Price

$99 RV tent camper rentals in Bend give adventure renters a choice of tent camper rental options. Rent a tent camper for a music festival, take a tent camper rental to the Oregon Coast, or enjoy the night skies in your camper rental at the Alvord Desert.   Nearby to Bend are a number of National, State and Local parks, and scenic tent camper vistas that all all yours to explore!

RV Tent Campers Rugged Luxury in Oregon’s Backcountry

$99 tent camper rentals offer many of the the comforts of home out in the scenic wilds of Oregon. There are a ton of different RV rental websites on the market, you can choose from tiny trailers to massive motorhomes, vintage buses to luxury fifth wheels, and everything in between. When you rent a rugged pop up camper in Bend, Oregon you deal directly with Bend locals who know Oregon better than anyone – it’s out backyard playground. Reasons to rent your pop up camper today:

  • Luxury pop up tent campers are affordable. They’re the cheapest RV rentals around, if you’re on a strict budget, or if you’d rather spend your money on things like food and entertainment, rent a rugged pop up camper tent trailer for your next weekend glamping adventure, music festival, family gathering or adventure.


  • Another big perk of renting a  pop up camper is how easy they are to tow and where you can explore. Motorhomes can be tricky to drive if you’ve never driven one before, and towing a large trailer or fifth wheel quickly becomes tiring and stressful here in Oregon. Rugged pop up campers can be towed with a truck or SUV, and in many cases, a regular car, and they’re not nearly as hard to tow as other RVs. So, they’re perfect for new RVers or people who don’t have the right type of vehicle for towing a large trailer.


  • Adventure seekers prefer the more outdoorsy feeling of a pop up camper over a more enclosed motorhome or trailer. It’s like camping in an upgraded luxury above ground tent: you still get the beautiful breezes and sounds of nature flowing through the camper, but you’re up off the ground and protected from rain and high winds.

Rent Your Rugged Tent Camper in Bend Today!

Overall, a rugged pop up camper rental in Bend, Oregon is the perfect blend of RV and tent. You have the portability and the “outdoorsiness” of a high tech glamping tent above ground with the convenience and amenities of an RV. Plus, with the flexibility to camp just about anywhere, anytime, and the most affordable RV rentals rates possible, it’s no wonder why pop up campers are the perfect RVs for visitors to Bend, Oregon. Let’s play!