Spend Less and Go Further in a Camper Trailer Rental This Year

Rent a rugged camper trailer in Bend, Oregon today and experience the benefits of remote camp locations and being able to drop-off your RV rental at your campsite while you enjoy exploring more of Oregon’s Outback in your own vehicle!

Renting a lightweight all inclusive camper trailer gives you more room than if you rented a cumbersome and expensive RV. With more space  you can bring along more friends and family, or pack more toys into your rental adventure, or you can just enjoy the luxury of having more free space this year!

What is a Camper Trailer Rental vs RV?
Renting a motorhome can expensive with extras like milage, cleaning fees, grey water tank flush along with being be tedious and inconvenient. Who needs all that when you just want to have fun in the great outdoors? If the motorhome rental breaks down you are stranded, the cost for pick up is extravagant. There are great options in RV rentals in Oregon this year. One option is a camper trailer rental in Bend, Oregon.
Tent Campers AKA Travel Trailers Are Low Cost Glamping Fun
Travel trailer rentals are lightweight, fun,  towable recreation vehicles or RV’s that you can rent for less than a traditional motorhome. A tent camper rental is towable by any vehicle with the proper towing capacity which is most vehicles with a 2 inch hitch. The RV rental attaches to the towing vehicle using a traditional trailer hitch and off you go to explore!

Travel Trailer Rental Perks and Bonuses

Travel trailer rentals are  the most convenient RV rentals on the RV rental market – bar none!

  • If your vehicle needs maintenance your Travel Trailer rental can be detached at your campsite and you can take your vehicle to a mechanic.
  • Most Travel Trailer rentals cost less than drive style RV rentals
  • No engine = More living space
  • Unhitch your towing vehicle from the RV rental and go site seeing or run errands with ease
  • Flexibility, Travel Trailers can be towed by cars, SUVs, and trucks depending on towing capacity

Rent your tent camper today!