Camping Trailers For Rent | Bend, Oregon Camper Rentals

Rent a rugged all inclusive folding camper, a value option to discover Oregon’s outback for people who just want to get-out-there and have some fun. Our camping trailers are ultra-lightweight and easy to tow, even with a small vehicle. Their  low profile gives you the all-round visibility to drive away and explore the very best that Oregon has to offer. Rent yours today!

Camper Trailer Adventures in Oregon

You’ve decided you want to head out on the open road here in Oregon to explore hot springs, music festivals, wild and scenic adventures and you know there’s only one vehicle for the job: a sleek, rugged RV camper trailer!. Camping trailer rentals are manageable for first-timers who want to explore lesser known locations on their backcountry adventures.

Lots of Room & Storage For Toys

As you prepare to disembark from Bend, Oregon on your next camper trailer adventure, you probably packed light…very light. There’s no need to, your camper trailer rental might not look that spacious,  but it can certainly fit most of your stuff including kayaks, mountain bikes and more!

Look for hidden compartments and be sure to make use of all the room your camper trailer affords you, such as walls, corners, and ceilings plus a giant cargo hold in the trailer section.

Off-Roading Capabilities in a Camper Trailer Rental

Camper trailer rentals can go anywhere. If you own a truck or SUV that can drive off-road, your camper trailer can come with you! Our rugged camper trailers are designed for off-roading so keep that in mind when you do your adventure planning here in Bend. Rent yours today!