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With a rugged $99 trailer trailer rental in Bend, Oregon you can RV camp below the rim at Crater Lake at Mazama Village Campground, the only RV camping in Crater Lake National Park. You can make reservations in advance online or by phone, there are a number of first come, first served sites as well. Book your $99 travel trailer in Bend today!

Crater Lake National Park Camping Adventure Overview

Once you have set up your campsite at Crater Lake National Park it’s time to explore.The water in the lake is the deepest lake in America, and one of the deepest on earth.  Crater Lake is surrounded by cliffs almost 2,000 feet high with a picturesque island and a violent volcanic past. Crater Lake is also home to lovely day hikes in old-growth forest and around the rim. Crater Lake is located in Southern Oregon, which is also home to the world-renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the stunning Rogue River, the Oregon Caves and vineyards, places to add to your list of travel trailer adventures from Bend.

Crater Lake Camping Climate: Most travel trailer RV campers come to Crater Lake National Park during the months of July through mid-September, when the weather is generally mild with little precipitation. Due to the elevation of the park (6,500 ft. at Park Headquarters and 7,100 ft. at Rim Village), weather conditions may change quickly and a warm jacket and wool sweater are always recommended items to carry.

Crater Lake Camping Adventures: A good place to begin your visit to Crater Lake is at one of the two visitor centers. The Steel Information Center lies south of Rim Drive next to park headquarters and is open year-round. In the summer, the Rim Village Visitor Center is open along Rim Drive on the southern side of the caldera. After gathering information on the park and its facilities visitors can make educated decisions about what recreation opportunities to pursue. Hiking, backpacking, camping, picnicking and sightseeing are popular pursuits within the park. Boating and scenic driving around Rim Drive can be enjoyed by visitors during the summer months.

Book your Crater Lake $99 travel trailer rentals in Bend, Oregon today!