Crater Lake National Park | Tours & Adventures | $99 RV Travel Trailer Rentals

Rent a $99 travel trailer in Bend, Oregon and go explore Crater Lake National Park in south central Oregon. The stunning deep blue lake offers visitors a breathtaking look from the brink of a 6 mile wide caldera which was created by the eruption and collapse of Mt. Mazama almost 7,000 years ago. Book your $99 travel trailer today!

About Crater Lake | Natural History | Trip Planning 

  • Crater Lake is nearly 2,000 feet deep at its deepest point, is over 30 miles around and 5-6 miles across. You can see every shore, all-at-once, from single viewpoints.
  • Crater Lake was once a giant stratovolcano named Mount Mazama, approximately 12,000 feet tall.
  • Crater Lake is not actually a in crater. The lake lies in a type of volcanic depression called a caldera that is formed by the collapse of Mazama during an enormous eruption approximately 7,700 years ago.
  • The climactic (caldera-forming) eruption of Mount Mazama changed the landscape all around the volcano.
  • 12 cubic miles of material was jettisoned into the atmosphere, some of which fell back to earth as far away as Nebraska.
  • Travel trailers are welcome in two campgrounds Mazama Campground and Lost Creek Campground.

Getting To Crater Lake National Park | Camping 

There are three ways into Crater Lake National Park in your travel trailer rental from Bend. The most convenient being from the west and south on Ore. 62, which runs through the southwest corner of the park. To get to the park’s west entrance, drive northeast from Medford 75 miles on Ore. 62. To get to the park’s south entrance from Klamath Falls, travel north on U.S. 97, then northwest on Ore. 62; the total distance is 60 miles.

Visitor Centers at Crater Lake National Park

The park has two visitor centers. Steel Information Center, south of the lake off Ore. 62, is open daily year-round and contains the park headquarters. You can talk to a ranger, find out about local weather forecasts, pick up general park information, purchase books and maps, and watch an 18-minute film. The Rim Visitor Center is on the south side of the lake in Rim Village. It’s open daily from June through September. In addition, a short paved trail leads from the visitor center to the Sinnott Overlook, which offers a fine view of the lake and several interpretive exhibits.

Travel Trailer Camping Fees & Permits

Entrance to the park costs $10 per vehicle. Travel trailer camping in Mazama Campground is $21 per tent site and $27 to $29 per RV travel trailer camping site. Travel trailer camping in the Lost Creek Campground is $10 per site. Backcountry travel trailer camping requires registration but no fee.

Camping at Crater Lake Seasons & Climate

Crater Lake travel trailer camping enjoys two seasons. The main tourist season lasts from mid-June, when most of the park’s facilities open, through September. The busiest months are July and August. Summer temperatures in southern Oregon can be scorching, sometimes hovering near the 100°F (38°C) mark in the lower elevations. The upper elevations remain cooler; the lake’s rim can get up to 80°F (27°C) in summer.

Avoiding the Crowds Travel Trailer Rental Pro-Tip

Most visitors come and camp at Crater Lake during the summer season between late June and the end of September. Campers enjoy the Rim Road is not crowded early in the morning. Circle the lake before 10am, and you can easily pick your overlook. The best advice is to stay longer in your travel trailer rental than the single day that 90% of the visitors allot to the park. Once you’ve seen and appreciated the lake by car, take an early boat tour, but get an early start (the line for tickets usually starts forming by 8am), then go off and hike some of the less trampled paths. Several of the longer trails will lead you to fabulous, relatively uninhabited view points. Especially recommended are the Watchman Peak, Garfield Peak, and Mount Scott trails.

Book your $99 travel trailer in Bend today and go explore Crater Lake….for less!