Everything You Need to Know About Pop Up Tent Trailer Rentals in Bend, Oregon

The call of the wild can be hard to ignore in beautiful Oregon. Spend a few days or even several weeks exploring Oregon’s outback in a luxury tent camper rental from Bend, Oregon this summer.

People on the go (adventure seekers) prefer camping in an RV over sleeping in a tent on the ground. It’s nice to have all the comforts of home with you out in the wilderness here in Oregon. Wanting a comfortable bed in the wilderness or at a summer outdoor concert doesn’t mean you have to go all out and get a fully-equipped, luxury RV. Tent camper rentals are the perfect compromise: you’ll have a handful of convenient amenities within arms’ reach while still being able to appreciate the true experience of camping outdoors.

Pop-Up Tent Trailer Rentals in Bend, Oregon

What is a pop-up camper,? They are the most versatile, easy to use RVs on the market. Pop-up tent trailers are lightweight rugged trailers that you tow using a truck or SUV, they also store tons of extra gear. Once you arrive at the campground or backcountry wilderness location, you open the folded camper and you’re ready to start enjoying your weekend in the woods. Typical cost for our all inclusive ready to go tent campers run anywhere from $100-$199 per day for a family of four. That’s less than a hotel with all the overnight comforts of home.

Why Rent a Pop Up Tent Trailer?

There are a ton of different RV rentals on the market, but renting from a local adventure company like Big Mountain Adventures in Bend, Oregon is the way to go. Here are a few reasons you might want to rent a pop up tent trailer in Bend, Oregon this year:


  • Tent camper rentals are affordable. They’re the cheapest RV rentals around, some going for as little as $100 per day. So, if you’re on a strict budget, or if you’d rather spend your money on things like food and entertainment, rent a pop-up camper tent trailer and save over hotel night stays across Oregon and beyond.


  • Pop-up camper rentals are easy to tow. Motorhomes can be tricky to drive if you’ve never driven one before, and towing a large trailer or fifth wheel quickly becomes tiring and stressful. Pop up camper rentals can be towed with a truck or SUV, and in many cases, a regular car, and they’re not nearly as hard to tow as other RVs. So, they’re perfect for new RVers or people who don’t have the right type of vehicle for towing a large trailer.


  • People prefer the outdoorsy feeling of a pop up camper rental over a more enclosed motorhome or trailer. It’s like camping in an upgraded tent: you still get the beautiful breezes and sounds of nature flowing through the camper, but you’re up off the ground and protected from rain and high winds.


  • Pop up camper rentals allow for more Oregon backcountry camping options. Due to their small size, they’re much more inconspicuous than other types of RVs, and are able to fit in tighter spaces. You’ll also have the option of stealth camping in unique areas that are otherwise hard to camp in.


Pop up camper rentals in Bend, Oregon are the perfect blend of RV and tent. You have the portability and the “outdoorsiness” of a tent with the convenience and amenities of an RV. Plus, with the flexibility to camp just about anywhere, anytime, and the most affordable RV rentals rates possible, it’s no wonder why pop up campers are the perfect RVs for thousands of people!

Looking for Pop Up Tent Trailers for Rent?

So what’re you waiting for? Start searching for pop up tent trailers to rent here in Bend, Oregon and get ready to hit the road this year. Let’s travel!