How to Hunt for Bigfoot Oregon | $99 Tent Camper Rentals | Bend

Oregon is ground zero of more Sasquatch and Bigfoot sightings than any other state in the union. While the legendary creature’s existence has yet to be confirmed what we do know is that Bigfoot mythology looms large in Oregon. The BEST way to search for Bigfoot is with a rugged $99 tent camper rental here in Bend, good hunting!

$99 Tent Camper Rentals in Bend, Oregon Finding Bigfoot

Follow Oregon Bigfoot History – Plan your search for areas where most reported sightings occur: wooded settings in Deschutes County and in the Cascade foothills and mountains by Todd Lake. There’s also amazing tent trailer camping in Bigfoot country.

Dress for Bigfoot Adventure – Bring a headlamp, bug spray and good hiking gear so you can comfortably follow any leads. Such clues could include tracks, hair, nesting sites and things like split trees; Bigfoot believers say tree damage indicates Bigfoot territory. They also like s’mores for when you are tent trailer camping with the kiddos leave some out overnight as Sasquatch bait.

Stop and Listen to Bigfoot – Beyond visual cues, listen for Bigfoot “vocalizations.” Sasquatch speech is said to sound like, well, Chewbacca: a mix between a bear growl and human yell. Our tent campers come with big windows and open tops so you can hear night noises all night long….just in case!

Set Out at Night – Sasquatch is believed to be more active in the dark right after camp dinner. Report your findings to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a virtual community that bills itself as “the only scientific research organization exploring the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery.” And consider yourself lucky!

Book your rugged $99 tent camper today and go explore the best of Oregon tomorrow!