Explore Oregon’s Natural Wonders In A Luxury Tent Trailer

Oregon is full of stunning natural wonders and scenic adventures to explore with your own fully stocked luxury tent trailer. From forests to mountains, coastlines and deserts, the nature to be found here is incredibly diverse. Rent your tent trailer in Bend, Oregon this year and go and explore the best Oregon has to offer. Let’s play!

Tent Trailer Adventures In The Alvord Desert

Oregon is chock-full of natural wonders to explore in a luxury tent trailer we’re surrounded by breathtaking beauty everywhere we turn here in Bend, Oregon. But while some of our amazing spots are well-known, others are seriously underrated. If you’ve never explored the Alvord Desert, you’re missing out. Located in the southeast corner of the state, the Alvord Desert is a dry lake bed that’s 12 miles long and 7 miles wide. It sits in the shadow of Steens Mountain. The desert gets as little as five inches of rain per year, so it’s typically pretty dry and an awesome location location to set up your tent trailer and relax under a blanket of evening stars.

Steens Mountains Tent Trailer Adventures

With more than 428,000 acres to explore in your luxury tent trailer, the Steens Mountain Wilderness Area is a vast playground in eastern Oregon. It’s also home to several herds of wild horses, including the King Mustang herd. The ancestors of these horses were likely brought to Oregon by Spanish conquistadors way back in the 16th century. The Steens Mountain Wilderness Area is home to some of Oregon’s most pristine natural beauty. Hidden away in the southeastern corner of the state, this remote land is some of the wildest and most untamed in all of Oregon. While you could easily spend weeks hiking, tent trailer camping, and exploring this region, one delight that is not to be missed is watching the wild horses roam at sunset.

Adventure Tent Trailer Rentals Bend, Oregon

Why fuss with a garage full of old camping gear on your next trip to Oregon, when you can drive away with your own fully stocked luxury adventure tent trailer from Freespirit Recreation and Big Mountain Adventures? Explore luxurious hot springs, over 200 high alpine mountain lakes, music festivals, wild and scenic riverside tent camping destinations, dramatic ocean vistas, deserts and vineyards, all within with driving distance of our home base here in Bend. Reserve your tent trailer today!

Three to Five Day Oregon Adventures

Big Mountain Adventures provides one-stop-shop tent trailer rentals that are your gateway to exciting camping moments for the entire family. Our rugged Freespirit adventure tent trailers are backcountry built for glamping adventures of every kind and come with all the essential camping equipment inside, so you can explore Oregon in style and comfort. Spend mornings on the Oregon coast with freshly brewed french press coffee and gray whales playing in the surf, or marvel at our Milky Way at night in the Alvord Desert while you cook in our gourmet kitchen. Oregon is a destination of incredible landscapes and moments on the road that will leave you with vacation memories to last a lifetime.

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Welcome to Bend, Oregon. When you book any of our multi-day adventure tent trailers you’ll receive 25% off room nights at our Marriott hotel partners in town. Spend a relaxing night or two at the Springhill Suites next to Bend’s Box Factory, close to shops, The Old Mill, restaurants, breweries, and more. Or for longer stays, guests at the all new Residence Inn enjoy the largest suites in Bend centrally located near the Old Mill District, minutes from vibrant Downtown Bend.

Tent Trailer Trip Planning

We provide complimentary trip planning advice. With over 30 years experience exploring Oregon and beyond, we can help chart the tent trailer adventure of your dreams. Let’s play!