Whether you are visiting friends, going to a music festival or exploring the exciting backcountry of Oregon and beyond, an adventure tent camper can get you there – in style!

Tent Trailer Camping Adventures in Oregon

Life for people who blazed the trail on the American frontier was rarely luxurious, or even remotely comfortable, when you consider the brutal weather conditions, scarce food supply, and old school diseases that often plagued their travels westward. Still, there’s something kind of charming and appealing about the prospect of camping in an Oregon Trail-esque adventure tent camper based in Bend, Oregon.

If you’ve ever felt like channeling the pioneer experience, now’s your chance, by soaking up some nature overnight in one of Big Mountain Adventures luxury adventure tent campers.

The adventure trailers, which are available to rent in Bend, otherwise known as the craft beer center of Central Oregon, are essentially decked-out high tech tents on wheels. They look just like something the military might field, except they’re outfitted with all the modern-day amenities, so your time in the great outdoors will be far more luxurious than your great grandparents time in the woods.

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Big Mountain Adventures thrills guests with Bend based adventure tent trailer rentals to wild and scenic destinations across Oregon, just hook up your trailer and go. We are staffed by highly experienced tour leaders and Bend locals who have a passion for the great outdoors. Your adventure tent camper comes fully stocked with everything you’ll need for 3-5 day glamping across the region.

Big Mountain Adventures was created to showcase the very best of Oregon year round with summer and winter adventure tent camper rentals and scenic tours to the estimated 3 million guests who visit our corner of Oregon each year. Book your adventure trailer today!