Forget spending hours and hours of your summer camping trip rummaging through gear, pitching old tents in the dirt, and rolling out musty sleeping bags. When you rent an all in one adventure tent trailer in Bend, Oregon you’ll discover the perfect outdoor camping tool for family trips and girlfriend getaways. Let’s play!

Offroad Adventure Tent Trailers

The advantage of off-road trailers with tent systems is that they are generally light and versatile. Because there are no dedicated sleeping quarters built into the design, there’s room to play around with storage and rack mounts. But you still gotta sleep. So our off-road adventure trailers comes equipped with a spacious hightech rooftop tent.

Our Manley Orv Explore trailer is “ready to conquer,” all adventures. From a weekend on the Oregon coast, to a girlfriend backcountry hot springs adventure. The MORV provides a proven camp system and easy to use. At 775 pounds, it packs that same camp muscle into a more svelte package for easy towing. It also has a removable aluminum lid covering its nearly 40-cubic-foot storage bay so you can bring additional camp luxuries along with you.

Discover The Oregon Coast

Take your new adventure tent trailer rental from Bend to Cape Blanco this summer. The westernmost point in the state, Cape Blanco juts out into the Pacific like a thumb, the 147-year-old lighthouse atop its cliffs warning ships away from the shore. That position also grants the park magnificent views of the Oregon Coast, especially when sunset dyes the landscape in rosy hues. The perfect location for camping, fires and a glass of wine at the end of a long day spent exploring!