Pop up Tent Trailer Rental Near Me | Bend, Oregon

Rent a rugged pop up camper from Big Mountain Adventures in Bend, Oregon. Browse our wide selection of popup trailer tents today!

Welcome to Big Mountain Adventures, a locally-owned and operated business in Oregon’s adventure hub of Bend. We are the only business in Central Oregon that rents rugged all inclusive pop-up campers, and tent travel trailers for every need. Take one of our RV tent trailers to a concert or the big game for a comfortable tailgating experience. Rent one of our travel trailers to use during your kitchen remodel, or use it as a “hotel room” for your extended family at the holidays we have the right trailer for the right need here in Bend.

Tent Camper Rental Cost

For a weekend getaway or a longer camping time it is much more convenient to rent a pop up camper trailer than to own one. By renting you can fully enjoy the camping experience and the comforts of a pop up camper, without having to worry about maintenance and storing after the camping. Pop up campers require a minimum amount of care and renting a pop up camper trailer is also more cost effective over an RV. Rental prices are affordable and fair, while if you buy a pop up camper and you only use it a couple of times a year the money that you spent was not a very good investment.

Rent your tent camper today here in Bend!