Pop Up Rental Bend, OR | $99 Pop Up Travel Trailer Rentals

$99 pop up camper rentals in Bend. Browse our wide selection of $99 popup trailer tents for rent today. These rugged backcountry campers make a great alternative to typical expensive RV rentals. Book yours today!

Renting a $99 RV Tent Camper in Bend

Located in Central Oregon, Bend is home to many outdoor adventures. Not only are we crazy about the outdoors, but one of Bend’s largest business sectors is its tourism industry. This booming tourist industry means the demand for Bend, OR RV rentals is high which makes your search for the right RV rental Bend, OR, that much easier. If you’re looking for activities with beautiful views of nature, good beer, and great people, Bend Oregon is a must visit during your RV rental Bend OR road trip in a pop up tent camper for just $99 a day!

What is a Pop Up Tent Trailer?

Camp trailer pop up rental are pop up tent trailers you tow or haul with a towing vehicle like a truck, van, or SUV when they don’t have their own power. Camp trailer rentals are great because you have a place to stay and relax while camping and on vacation, but you also get to have the added mobility with your towing vehicle, whatever it may be.

Rent Your Pop Up Trailer Today!

Getting a pop-up camp trailer rental is great for traveling with family and enjoying nature together. These are by far the cheapest camp trailer rental option, as they cost just $99 per night. You will find that a pop-up camp trailer rental is very roomy as well, as they can sleep up to 4 people.

Keep in mind that a pop-up camp trailer rental is basically a luxury tent on wheels and is mostly comprised of fabric, hence the ability to “pop-up”. A pop-up camp trailer rental is great for those Rvers that are really into exploring nature rather than just hanging out in a mobile cabin. A pop-up camp trailer rental doesn’t typically have too many amenities to keep you inside. The point of a pop-up camp trailer rental is its ability to be set up, torn down, and transported with ease so you spend more time in nature and less time trying to manage your campsite.

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