RV Rentals Bend, Oregon Today Discover Oregon’s Outback

RV rentals in Bend, Oregon can be a challenge. What size of RV? Where are the best RV camping locations? Do you need RV insurance? Will I be charged for RV mileage? With a luxury tent trailer camper rental in Bend, Oregon you now have a one stop shop answer and glamping tool for Oregon’s outback, let’s play!

Luxury Tent Campers For the Family in Bend, Go Further, See More

Tent trailer campers give you the comfort of home while being out in the beautiful nature surrounding Bend in Oregon’s outback. With a RV rental you are limited to set camping sites where many others are enjoying the outdoors(?) with a tent camper from Big Mountain Adventures you are free to explore any location where you can pop your tent.

Explore wild and scenic hot springs, the Alvord desert, the Steens mountains the Pacific coast, anywhere you can drive a tent camper to is your next home away from home complete with a gourmet kitchen!

RV Camping vs Travel Trailer Glamping

Our rental options consist of travel trailers for two-four adventure seekers. You don’t have to worry about trying to drive a Class C motorhome along the pacific coast when you can tow a small and compact travel trailer to the outback destination, music festival, or outdoor event of your dreams here in Oregon. Whether you are traveling as 2 or 10, headed a few hours away or several days journey, we are sure we have the perfect rental unit to cater to every detail of your next trip without the hassle of extra mileage, complex RV upkeep, or another RV camped next to you with the generator running all night long!

Three to Five Day Tent Camper Adventures in Oregon

Big Mountain Adventures provides one-stop-shop tent camper rentals that are your gateway to exciting camping moments for the entire family. Our rugged Freespirit adventure tent trailers are backcountry built for glamping adventures of every kind and come with all the essential camping equipment inside, so you can explore Oregon in style and comfort. Spend mornings on the Oregon coast with freshly brewed french press coffee and gray whales playing in the surf, or marvel at our Milky Way at night in the Alvord Desert while you cook in your gourmet kitchen. Oregon is a destination of incredible landscapes and moments on the road that will leave you with tent trailer camping vacation memories to last a lifetime. Book yours today!