Spend A Week In Oregon Sasquatch and Bigfoot Country

The Bigfoot phenomenon has captivated imaginations around the United States, engendering television shows, helicopter tours, books, movies and, most recently, $99 Bigfoot Tent Trailer Tours across the state that has the most of these elusive animals – Oregon.

Tent Trailer Bigfoot Camping in Oregon

Tent trailer Bigfoot & Sasquatch tours are most common in the Pacific Northwest, home to the highest concentration of claimed Bigfoot sightings. While there have been “sightings” reported in every state, Oregon holds the honor for the most.

Travelers to the region have the opportunity with lightweight $99 go anywhere tent trailers to attempt to find a Bigfoot firsthand.  Among the companies offering such tours are Big Mountain Adventures in Bend, Oregon and Sasquatch Country Adventures, which is based out of Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia.

Another group, Exotic Hikes, hosts overnight camping trips on Washington’s rainforested Olympic Peninsula. Guides lead participants through the forest at night in search of a ‘Squatch.

Research Bigfoot Before You Rent a Tent Trailer

For the most adventurous of travelers, the organization The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization takes serious ‘Squatch believers, even those not experienced with Bigfoot hunting, on multi day tours in several U.S. states, including Washington, Oregon, California, North Carolina and Kentucky. The tours are extremely popular and fill up quickly, so advance reservations are highly recommended.

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