Steamy Hot Springs Worth an Oregon Tent Trailer Adventure

Winter adventure tent trailer escapes can be last minute affairs and offer up some of the best winter adventures of the year. Some of our favorite weekends are spent at hot springs, either wild or improved, they soak your winter bones like nothing else. Below are a few of our favorites but the Outdoor Project has the complete Oregon list here.

Summer Lake Hot Springs Tent Trailer Adventures

Located at the far-left corner of Oregon’s Great Basin it’s located in a flat field surrounded by mountains, run by this old hippie dude who bought it in the eighties and put a bunch of cute, tiny cabins on it you can rent. There’s a main barn that’s super old, and when you walk in, the whole thing is a pool. There are skylights, and when it steams and the light comes in, it’s like magic.

Warm Springs Tent Trailer Adventures

It’s a hike into this one about a mile, but it’s straight out of a movie. When you arrive you’ll be impressed by crystal blue water surrounded by rocks and trees, with a little stream next to it. It’s called Warm Springs because it’s the temperature of bath water, and most of the other hot springs are really hot. This one is just perfect—you could just lay there all day.

Bagby Hot Springs Tent Trailer Adventures

Close to Portland—only an hour and twenty minutes away also it’s gotten so popular that the locals have become really protective of it.Both pools seasonally fluctuate between 100-110 degrees and are free of the sulfur smell that is common in many natural hot springs.

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