$99 Tent Camper Camp Trailer Rentals in Bend, Oregon

Our $99 tent camper travel trailer rentals in Bend are rugged outback ready and fit an actual queen sized + mattress and can be towed by almost any vehicle with a hitch. $99 tent camper rentals are very easy to maneuver and back up, they can even be moved by hand into tight spaces regular trailers would never fit getting you into backcountry adventures from the Oregon coast to the Alvord desert and beyond – in style!

Tent Camper Freedom and Adventure

Unlike big RV’s and ungainly third wheels that can only be set up in campsites with our tent camper rentals you just park it, pop the Freespirit Recreation tent…and you’re camping. Unlike a Van or Motorhome there’s no need to break camp to explore adjacent wild spaces. Just drop off your fully secured and lockable tent camper rental at the campsite and your car is free to see what’s around the next bend, side road, or coast range.

Rent Your $99 Tent Camper Today!

Your $99 tent camper rental comes with an upgrade package that is equipped with a portable stove, folding table, camp chairs, pots, pans, kitchen utensils etc… just bring some snacks, firewood and bedding and your good to go. Located in Bend, you’re minutes from snow-capped mountains, raging rivers, lakes and all the scenic wild spaces Central Oregon has to offer. Rent your $99 pop up camper today!