Tent Camper Rentals Oregon | Oregon Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Tent trailer rentals in Oregon offers amazing destinations for mountain bikers, with countless top-notch trails from the lush Cascade Mountain forests to the dry eastern deserts. Let’s go get some dirt!

Mountain Bike Bucket List Weekend Adventures

When you rent a rugged tent camper in Bend, you can go further into Oregon’s backcountry to explore awesome trails and check out bucket list destinations like the Mckenzie River Trail, and Oakridge. Aside from these more well known mountain bike trails in Oregon, there are great rides spread out everywhere across the state from Portland in the north down to Ashland in the south.

Oregon Mountain Bike Trail Guide

There are great mountain bike trails close to Portland, Eugene, and Oregon’s other large cities that provide easy access to fun riding. These trails are located in the mountains and hills of the Cascade Range, with wet old growth forests and tacky soil. Across the state in Oregon’s eastern plains, Bend is one of the best mountain biking destinations in the United States, with tons of ripping fast and fun trails to explore. In each of these areas there are trails for all different styles of mountain biking, from gnarly downhill riding to cross country epics.

Adventure Tent Camper Rentals

Rent a rugged, spacious, all inclusive adventure tent camper in Bend, Oregon this year. Our tent campers are decked out with everything you’ll need for your next Oregon camping adventure including a gourmet kitchen, chairs, cooler, tactical hammocks, deck of cards, and a luxurious bed for the best night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

RV rentals can be cumbersome and expensive with hidden extras like additional miles and cleaning fees. Why fuss with a garage full of old camping gear on your next adventure in Oregon when you can drive away with your own fully stocked luxury adventure tent trailer & camper?
Explore luxurious remote hot springs, over 200 high alpine mountain lakes, music festivals, wild and scenic riverside tent trailer camping destinations, dramatic ocean vistas, deserts and vineyards, all within with driving distance of our home base here in Bend – for less than an RV rental. Reserve your tent camper today and explore Oregon’s outback tomorrow!