Tent Camper Rentals | Searching for Sasquatch | Bend, Oregon

Renting a rugged $99 tent camper in Bend is the best way to uncover the mystery of Bigfoot which has puzzled rural residents and scientists for decades.Whether you’re just a curious adventurer or a Bigfoot believer, join this romp through the weird and wonderful world of sasquatch sightings in your super value $99 tent camper. Many of this mysterious mammal’s favorite places are close to Bend, Oregon and natural wonders, so even if you don’t find Bigfoot this time, you’ll have an interesting getaway.

Oregon’s 278 Sasquatch Sightings

In Cave Junction people have reported Bigfoot while touring the Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve, including psychologist Dr. Matthew Johnson, whose well-known sighting received national media coverage in 2000. The Caves are the perfect place to search for ‘squatch, and camp in your rugged $99 tent camper rental. Near Cascade Locks, hikers often see or hear strange creatures while exploring the Columbia River Gorge. This area covers a stretch of Lewis and Clark’s expedition, and was part of the Oregon Trail. Maybe some of the Pacific Northwest’s 19th-century explorers met sasquatch, too!

Washing States 642 Sasquatch Sightings

Plan a trip to Grant County to attend the annual Sasquatch Music Festival in your $99 travel trailer rental at the Gorge Amphitheatre in gorgeous George. Located east of the Columbia River, this small town covers just 1.33 square miles, but the Memorial Day weekend music festival makes this place larger than life. The folks in Skamania County made it illegal to hunt Bigfoot here. The small community of Carson is home to natural hot springs and historical 1930s bathhouses, and it’s the location of many Bigfoot sightings dating back to the 1850s. Sounds like not even sasquatch can say no to a therapeutic soak. Reports date back to the 1850s, so be on the lookout as you hike through Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

California’s 450 Sasquatch Sightings

Willow Creek in lush Humboldt County and The Lost Coast is California’s squatchiest county and has been the location of a few sightings as well as an exhibition at the Willow Creek – China Flat Museum. The collection includes popular Bigfoot theories and artifacts, and you won’t be able to miss the museum as you drive by—just look for the towering 25-foot redwood ‘squatch sculpture. The Lost Coast offers up some of the BEST tent camper camping along a glorious redwood and fog coastline that could hide a whole village of Bigfoot.

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