Tent Trailer Camper Rentals in Bend, Oregon

Camper rentals in Bend, Oregon will get you into Oregon’s outback, an adventure wonderland, filled with rivers, lakes, mountains and the spectacular Oregon coast. The term “tent camper” usually plants in one’s mind, the picture of a boxy structure mounted to the bed of a pickup truck, offering little comfort. However, the word “tent camper” is really just a term used for any type of rolling structure that you can camp in, including the luxury tent trailers you’ll find for rent in Bend, Oregon this year.

Luxury Tent Trailer Camper Rentals

There is no more comfortable way to explore the wild wonders of Oregon than in a luxury tent trailer camper. It’s your private,  rolling hotel and restaurant that travels with you, saving you a great deal of money and getting you into Oregon’s truly special places. Bend based Big Mountain Adventures tent tent trailers for:

  • Houseguests — How many times have you had out-of-town visitors, and wondered where you would put them all? With tent trailer camper rentals from Big Mountain Adventures, you have an extension of your home right in your driveway, with all the comforts needed for your guests this year.
  • Weekend Residence — Some enjoy tent trailers so much, that they take their tent trailers to their secondary coastal residence, traveling the Oregon Coast to spend quick weekends at alternate locations.
  • Emergency Services — Another way that tent trailer camper rentals may be used, is for emergency purposes, such as firefighters battling a forest fire, or border patrol in need of lodging, or police (or any organization) operations needing a comfortable command center.

Adventure Tent Trailer Rentals Bend, Oregon

Why fuss with a garage full of old camping gear on your next trip to Oregon, when you can drive away with your own fully stocked luxury adventure tent trailer from Freespirit Recreation and Big Mountain Adventures? Explore luxurious hot springs, over 200 high alpine mountain lakes, music festivals, wild and scenic riverside tent camping destinations, dramatic ocean vistas, deserts and vineyards, all within with driving distance of our home base here in Bend. Reserve your tent trailer today!

Three to Five Day Oregon Adventures

Big Mountain Adventures provides one-stop-shop tent trailer rentals that are your gateway to exciting camping moments for the entire family. Our rugged Freespirit adventure tent trailers are backcountry built for glamping adventures of every kind and come with all the essential camping equipment inside, so you can explore Oregon in style and comfort. Spend mornings on the Oregon coast with freshly brewed french press coffee and gray whales playing in the surf, or marvel at our Milky Way at night in the Alvord Desert while you cook in our gourmet kitchen. Oregon is a destination of incredible landscapes and moments on the road that will leave you with vacation memories to last a lifetime.

Save 25% Off Marriot Hotel Nights in Bend

Welcome to Bend, Oregon. When you book any of our multi-day adventure tent trailers you’ll receive 25% off room nights at our Marriott hotel partners in town. Spend a relaxing night or two at the Springhill Suites next to Bend’s Box Factory, close to shops, The Old Mill, restaurants, breweries, and more. Or for longer stays, guests at the all new Residence Inn enjoy the largest suites in Bend centrally located near the Old Mill District, minutes from vibrant Downtown Bend.

Tent Trailer Trip Planning

We provide complimentary trip planning advice. With over 30 years experience exploring Oregon and beyond, we can help chart the tent trailer adventure of your dreams. Let’s play!