Rent a luxury tent trailer in Bend, Oregon and explore outdoor recreation in Oregon this year!

With a luxury, fully stocked, tent trailer you can tour Snow-capped Mount Bachelor, the scenic Deschutes River, dozens of lakes and waterfalls, and miles and miles of hiking and biking trails offer endless opportunities for active adventures of all levels. Oregon’s warm, sunny days and crisp, cool nights make the climate ideal for spending long hours outdoors.

Here are just a few ways to get the most from your luxury tent trailer rental in Bend to enjoy Oregon’s natural endless beauty.

Hike After Your Set Up Camp

Oregon has hundreds of spectacular trails to explore for both casual and serious hikers. After you have set up your luxury tent trailer get out and play. Whether urban or remote, the Oregon trails treat hikers to stunning scenery. For easy access, the Deschutes River Loop Trail runs about 3 miles along the river starting in charming downtown Bend. The trail has some lovely river views. The Oregon coast has over 1500 epic scenic trails with waterfalls, rivers, and beach access.

Kayaking or SUP Adventures

Kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddle boards are common sights on the many rivers and lakes in Oregon. Numerous outfitters across Oregon rent equipment; some also give classes and offer tours. You’ll find water adventures at almost every tent trailer stop along your way here in Oregon.

Go Rock Climbing

Tent trailer rentals allow access to remote and pristine climbing locations across Oregon. You can try rock climbing, or just watch, Oregon has about 10,000 climbing routes and attracts climbers from around the world. Our trailers have deep storage so you can bring all the gear you need.

Volcano Tent Camping

Get a close-up look at evidence of Central Oregon’s fiery past at the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and park your tent trailer on the side of a pristine late for a night. Explore the Newberry Caldera and some of the many cinder cones left after massive volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. The caldera contains two beautiful lakes and the 80-foot Paulina Falls twin waterfalls. Climb up Big Obsidian Flow, following the trail through a giant mound of volcanic glass, explore the mile long Lava River Cave, and walk through a large lava field where NASA astronauts trained in the 1960s for the moon landing. Free ranger talks are interesting and informative.

Waterfalls in Oregon

Oregon has a wealth of beautiful waterfalls, many of which are easy to access on short hikes or bicycle rides. Among these are Benham Falls and the dramatic and often photographed Tumalo Falls, which spills nearly 100 feet over a cliff. Paulina Falls, inside the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, is just a few steps away from a parking lot and minutes from your tent trailer pick up location here in Bend.

Crater Lake Tent Trailer Adventures

Pristine and impossibly blue Crater Lake is just a 100-mile drive south of Bend in Oregon’s only national park. The massive lake formed in the crater of a volcano that erupted 7,700 years ago. It is the deepest lake in the United States (1,943 feet at the deepest point) and is thought to be perhaps the purest in the world. Crater Lake National Park also is terrific for stargazing, with a night sky among the darkest in the country.

Three to Five Day Oregon Adventures

Big Mountain Adventures provides one-stop-shop tent trailer rentals that are your gateway to exciting camping moments for the entire family. Our rugged Freespirit adventure tent trailers are backcountry built for glamping adventures of every kind and come with all the essential camping equipment inside, so you can explore Oregon in style and comfort. Spend mornings on the Oregon coast with freshly brewed french press coffee and gray whales playing in the surf, or marvel at our Milky Way at night in the Alvord Desert while you cook in our gourmet kitchen. Oregon is a destination of incredible landscapes and moments on the road that will leave you with vacation memories to last a lifetime.