For hundreds of years in Central Oregon, the legend of a giant hairy creature roaming the forests of North America has captured the imagination. This is your chance to search for Bigfoot and Sasquatch in our rugged $99 tent trailer featuring roof top tent systems from Bend based Freespirit Recreation. Bigfoot remains a mystery and fascinates fans who often go to great lengths to search for Bigfoot, including Bigfoot helicopter tours in Bend.

Bigfoot & Sasquatch Highway Tent Camper Adventures Oregon

Once you rent your $99 travel trailer in Bend it’s time to head out on your four day backcountry adventure to find Bigfoot and Sasquatch. The good news is our tent trailers are backcountry built and ready for any adventure. On this amazing four day tent camper adventure (north or south) you’ll uncover and explore giant sequoia forests, rivers and lakes, and maybe, just maybe come face to face with the PNW legend himself – Bigfoot.

Visit Bigfoot’s Grave on Mt St Helens

When Mount St. Helens blew in 1980, it killed 57 people and, say Bigfoot believers, it might’ve taken out Bigfoot.  About halfway up the Spirit Lake Highway, the route to the mountain’s Johnston Ridge Observatory, a 28-foot Sasquatch statue stands guard at the North Fork Survivors Gift Shop. Ask the locals here about Bigfoot and they will point you to off the beaten track camping locations where Bigfoot has been sighted as recently as six months ago!

Bigfoots Best Sightings and Adventures

Bluff Creek, California, is the Bigfoot world’s Roswell, its Bermuda Triangle. It’s the site of the most famous Sasquatch footage ever captured. The Patterson-Gimlin film is still debated by cryptozoologists almost 50 years after it was made, but the surrounding Humboldt County woods have been known for Bigfoot encounters for even longer. Should he prove elusive, the Willow Creek China Flat Museum has a Bigfoot exhibit with foot casts, maps, and a 25-foot redwood sculpture.

Drive and Camp The “Original Bigfoot Highway”

The Bigfoot Scenic Highway begins in the town of Willow Creek, 300 miles north of San Francisco in Humboldt County, and twists northward along the Trinity and Klamath rivers through the Hoopa Valley and Yurok reservations, to the town of Happy Camp in Siskiyou County. The most famous purported footage of Bigfoot, the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film, was captured near the midpoint of the route, just outside the town of Orleans along Bluff Creek, which has become a point of pilgrimage for Bigfoot hunters.

Oregon Travel Trailer Adventure Planning

Discover a full suite of $99 adventure travel trailer tent camper destinations and multi day vacation ideas with our partners at Travel Oregon. If you’re hiking, climbing, or just looking for epic day adventures in Oregon look no further than The Outdoor Project. Let’s play!


Trip Overview

4 Day
Tour Style
Hot Springs, Oregon Dunes, Oregon Coast, Camping, Scenic Helicopter Tours, Summer Tours
Rental Fee
$99 per day hook up and go!
Group Size
2-3-4 person(Call for larger groups)

What's Included

Manley expedition trailers equipped with 31″ A/T tires, aluminum lid, trailer rack, extra storage.

Freespirit Recreation rooftop tents for 2-4 persons.

Complimentary wine tasting and bottle of wine at ViaPiano Vineyards in Bend.

Save $100 off Bigfoot helicopter tours in Bend with epic Cascade Range flights year round.

** Upgrade all essential camping gear, gourmet camp kitchen, cooler, camp lighting, tactical hammock, gas stove, roadside kit, French Press coffee maker in case you left home without it!

Bend Local's Tip

Pre-plan your Oregon Bigfoot adventures with a visit to Travel Oregon’s website prior to departure.

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What To Bring

Bring copies of your I.D. and car insurance paperwork.

Bedding and camping gear (unless upgrading from us) on your $99 adventure tent trailer rental. Recommend fun and luxurious bedding and pillows. We can also supply everything you’ll need to go camping in the great outdoors as well.

Be sure to book your $99 adventure tent trailer as early as possible.

Not sure what to wear? Layered clothing is recommended through the months of September through June and winter clothing should be worn from October to April in Oregon.


Loved leaving all our old camping gear at home and being able to “hook up and go” in Bend at Big Mountain Adventures. The staff was super helpful and our first night at the hot springs in the Oregon desert was simply heaven! Pro Tip: Store up at The Market of Choice located minutes from the hook up location, will do this again!

Ben and Maria from Seattle

The adventure tent trailer was absolutely perfect for our needs. 2 adults and 2 kids (10 and 12) fit just fine for us!! The right amount of utilitarian and extravagance all packed into a perfect camping trailer. The beauty of this trailer is the size vs. what’s inside. It’s very easy to tow this trailer especially if you own a truck! But then they pack all of these wonderful comforts I to the trailer! It was a wonderfully comfortable experience.

Steve and Carla from Portland

Wow! What a great experience. From pick-up, to a 700 mile road trip through the mountains of Eastern Oregon, to drop-off the 4 person adventure travel rent was a beaut.Not only does she tow like a dream but her cool, unique look means we made a thousand new camping friends in a weekend! Highly recommend.

Mary and Jason from Bend

Great trip!! Big Mountain Adventures were awesome and the adventure tent trailer was clean, super easy to set up and was a lot of fun. Great price, communication, and had everything you need for a great experience. It was an amazing adventure! Highly recommend checking it out!

Garrett from San Francisco