Visiting Bend, Oregon this summer? Rent a rugged tent camper and explore Oregon’s outback in style. Let’s play! A tow behind camper – otherwise known as a towable trailer or tent camper – is your tool for great outdoor adventures in Oregon!

Towable Tent Campers What You Need to Know

Towable tent trailers are different from motorized RV rentals in that the engine and driving controls are separated from the living area. This can be a great advantage for those seeing the true great outdoors in oregon and beyond, places where RV’s cannot go. Towable trailers tend to be cheaper to rent than similarly equipped motorized RVs, making them an excellent choice for those on a limited budget, or for those prospective renters who are simply looking for the best “bang for their buck.”

Tow Behind Camper Rental in Bend, Oregon

Towable trailers can be detached which gives them a significant advantage when compared to motorized RVs. Perhaps you’d like to explore some narrow country roads on your way to Oregon’s Wine Country or camp on a remote mountain lake in style. With a tow behind camper, you can leave the trailer behind at the campground and explore using your tow vehicle instead.

Save Fuel Go Further, Explore More

Towable tent trailers enjoy a marginal fuel economy gain when compared to similarly equipped motorized RVs. Though it may not seem like much, every mpg counts if you’re on a budget and planning a longer road trip through Oregon on the way to music festivals or your favorite coast location here in Oregon.

Tow Behind Camper Rentals With Your SUV

If you’re going to be renting a towable trailer in Bend, Oregon you’ll want to make sure that your existing vehicle is capable of towing it, or that you will be renting a vehicle that is capable of towing it. Tow behind campers are physically hitched to the back of your tow vehicle via a receiver hitch, fifth wheel hitch, gooseneck hitch, or one of many other hitch designs. Whether your vehicle is capable of towing the trailer will therefore not only depend on its horsepower and “towing capacity,” but will also depend on the shape and configuration of your tow vehicle.

Our travel trailers will need a vehicle, such as an SUV or a truck, but can work with certain cars. Always consult the owner’s manual for an accurate determination of the towing capacity of your vehicle.

Rent Your Tent Camper Today!

Rent a rugged, spacious, all inclusive adventure tent camper in Bend, Oregon this year. Our tent campers are decked out with everything you’ll need for your next Oregon camping adventure including a gourmet kitchen, chairs, cooler, deck of cards, and a luxurious bed for the best night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

RV rentals can be cumbersome and expensive with hidden extras like additional miles and cleaning fees.  Why fuss with a garage full of old camping gear on your next adventure in Oregon when you can drive away with your own fully stocked luxury adventure tent trailer & camper?
Explore luxurious remote hot springs, over 200 high alpine mountain lakes, music festivals, wild and scenic riverside tent trailer camping destinations, dramatic ocean vistas, deserts and vineyards, all within with driving distance of our home base here in Bend – for less than an RV rental. Reserve your tent camper today and explore Oregon’s outback tomorrow!