Travel Trailer Rental Near Me | Bend, Oregon Tent Campers

Luxury travel trailer tent camper rentals are the perfect adventure tool to kick off multi-day adventure getaways to some of Oregon’s least crowded scenic destinations. Big Mountain Adventures will get you there in style with our rugged luxury 2-3-4 person adventure travel trailers. We pack them with everything you’ll need for your next Oregon road trip, music festival, reunion, or quick three day scenic travel trailer adventure. We make your next travel trailer rental easy with quick pick ups in Bend, Oregon. Reserve yours today!

Here are a few three day travel trailer road trip ideas to get you on the road and exploring this year.

Luxuriate at Belknap Hot Springs With Your Travel Trailer 

Rent one of our travel trailer tent campers and go discover the historic McKenzie Highway which began as an early wagon trail in the 1860s. Today the McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Scenic Byway is all about the scenery with dramatic lava flows and snow-capped mountains. You’ll wind around hairpin turns and identify peaks at the Dee Wright Observatory, then descend into a thick green forest to the sparkling McKenzie River, the perfect place to take an easy hike to Proxy Falls. Depending on snow conditions, the road closes seasonally, typically from November to June. Your overnight destination today will be at Oregon’s Belknap Hot Springs with two developed natural-spring pools, lavishly landscaped grounds, access to the McKenzie River Trail, and tent camping sites right on the river within eyeshot of the hot spring pools. It is travel trailer tent camper heaven.

Explore a Volcanic Monument With a Travel Trailer Rental

Seize the day at Newberry Crater with your travel trailer rental within the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Oregon’s largest volcano today. The national monument encompasses lava tubes, cinder cones, caldera lakes, a waterfall and a fresh obsidian flow. At 1,300 years old, Newberry’s Big Obsidian Flow is “fresh” in terms of volcanic timelines. The road into the crater is only open during the summer season, so take a moment to drive to the top of Paulina Peak and see if you can find the natural hot springs below. You can visit the Lava Lands Visitor Center through early October; the visitor center’s parking lot remains open year-round (weather dependent), and fall is an excellent off-season time to access its trails. Your adventure travel trailer can take advantage of over 80 lakeside campsites where evenings showcase a galaxy of stars as they ripple across East and Paulina lakes. 

Star Watching at Alvord Desert in a Travel Trailer

Oregon’s Alvord Desert is located in Harney County in southeastern Oregon several hours outside of Bend. As far as remote and scenic destinations go this is a must do adventure tent trailer destination. The Alvord is one of the largest white playa dry lake beds in Oregon created when rainwater fills shallow depressions in the landscape leaving behind salt minerals as it evaporates. It is truly a unique landscape. The Alvord lake bed is about 12 miles long and 7 miles wide and only receives an average of 7 inches of rain per year. Just west of the desert is Steens Mountain looming over the lake bed and creating a beautiful backdrop especially at night when the stars shine through the sunroof on your adventure travel trailer.

Wild & Scenic Travel Trailer Alvord Hot Springs 

The Alvord Hot Springs are privately owned and an afternoon of lazy bone soaking natural pools is just $5 (bring cash). If you pay to adventure tent camp on site, you can use the pools 24 hours a day, while day visitors can only be there during business hours. You can also visit Willow Hot Springs, 35 miles southeast of Fields, Oregon. It is free to use but isn’t serviced or easy to find.

There are five springs located around the perimeter of the desert, including Mickey Hot Springs, Alvord Hot Springs, Tule Springs, Buckbrush Springs, and Borax Hot Springs. Alvord Hot Springs is the only one that you can soak in.

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