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Travel trailer pop up campers are the perfect value vacation getaway from Bend. At $99 per day you can explore Yosemite National Park which has some of the best camping in U.S.A Both inside Yosemite and surrounding Yosemite are numerous incredible places to set up camp for your tent trailer camper rental. Around 4 million people visit the park and take in its beauty every year on average. Because 95% of the park is designated wilderness the beauty of nature and the wild is truly captured in the bounds of Yosemite. Book your travel trailer today!

Best Travel Trailer Rental Campsites in Yosemite

Upper Pines Tent Camper Camping

Upper Pines is an incredible tent camper campground nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, right in the middle of Yosemite. Of the three campgrounds that you can reserve in Yosemite, Upper Pines is the largest. This large campsite is kept clean and beautiful by both the campers that stay and the host that watches over the site.

Nearby this campsite, there are several landmarks and sites that are breathtaking. These include things such as Yosemite Valley, Little Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, Vernal/Nevada Falls and Clouds Rest. These are only a small number of the beautiful sites that one can see when staying at the Upper Pines campsite.

They have something for everyone as well with their numerous campsite types, including standard nonelectric, RV nonelectric, tent only nonelectric and overnight! It is open all year and has two seasons. One season is from January to March, and the other season is March to the first of December.

Bridalveil Creek Tent Camper Camping

Bridalveil Creek is one of the higher travel trailer rental campgrounds in Yosemite, as it is located on Glacier Point Road, which is at an elevation of about 7200 feet. This campground is located only about 26 miles from the Yosemite Valley. Surrounding this area, there is a thick and diverse forest filled with Red fir and Lodgepole pine.

The surrounding area, along with being heavily forested, is also luscious with hiking trails. They can vary anywhere from a half-mile, to 13 miles, which means there is a trail for any kind of expertise or desire. A beautiful 7-miles away is Glacier Point which offers unique and unbelievable views of Yosemite Valley.

This campground, though large, with its 110 campsites, fills every night that it’s open, and there are no reservations. So, that means whoever gets there first gets the campsite, and when Bridalveil is out of sites, that’s it for the night.

White Wolf Tent Camper Camping

White Wolf campground is a bit farther away from Yosemite Valley than the other tent camper campgrounds, as it sits about an hour away. But, it’s only about 28 miles away from Tuolumne Meadows. While this campground is a bit farther it makes up for it with its many things to do and places to see right in the campground.

The Middle Fork Tuolumne River runs right past the campground, providing lots of opportunities to do things such as boat or swim. There are also many hiking trails leading to places such as Luken’s Lake, Harden Lake, and Tuolumne Meadows.

Book your $99 travel trailer tent campers in Bend today and go explore!