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Trying to find the best Oregon hiking trails that go with your $99 travel trailer rental in Bend? Whether you’re looking for the best trails in Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area or around Portland, Bend or Corvallis we’ve got you covered. Rent your $99 tent camper travel trailer here in Bend and go explore Oregon’s outback today!

Travel Trailer Rentals Go Hiking On These Awesome Trails!

There are 828 moderate trails in Oregon ranging from 0.6 to 109.1 miles and from 3 to 9,557 feet above sea level to explore with your next travel trailer rental. Here’s a few of our favorites.

Bagby Hot Springs Travel Trailer Hiking Adventures

The popular Bagby Hot Springs are natural hot springs located in the Mount Hood National Forest about 67 miles southeast of Portland. Not only is this a beautiful hike, but you will be rewarded at the end of this hike with a nice relaxing soak in the tubs, surrounded by Oregon’s beautiful forest. The hike in is only about 30 minutes, and is one of my favorite places to check out. Check this article out here for all 46 hot springs in Oregon to explore with your travel trailer rental.

Ferry Springs Travel Trailer Hiking Adventures

This hike offers great views of the Deschutes River entering the Columbia River. It costs $5 to park for the day and $5 per night if you are backing. Nearby is Deschutes State Park if you’d like to camp with your travel trailer rental and then do this as a day hike. The ranger recommended, to minimize the risk of vandalism, parking your car at the end of the road next to the T loop camping area below the camp host, or the parking area a bit before below the full time ranger residence.

Lost Lake Loop Travel Trailer Hiking Adventures

This scenic loop is probably one of the best Oregon hikes for young children, and there are plenty of places along the trail to stop and dip your feet into the lake. It goes without saying the views of Mount Hood are to die for. Travel trailer rental campsites are also available here during peak summer months and in high demand. The starting point for this hike is at Lost Lake Trailhead.

North Falls Travel Trailer Hiking Adventures

Starting at the North Falls Trailhead, you must cross the North Fork of Silver Creek on a bridge to get to this beautiful place. Upper North Falls is the only waterfall in Silver Falls State Park that’s not on a trail loop. As it’s hidden away east of the highway, this hidden gem is often overlooked or forgotten by visitors, making it probably the most peaceful waterfall in the park.

Trillium Lake Travel Trailer Hiking Adventures

In the Mount Hood National Forest, you will find here one of the most popular day-use and camping destinations, Trillium Lake and Mount Hood, one of the most popular hikes near Portland. The stunning Trillium Lake was created by a dam built across Mud Creek in 1960. Unless you walk this early in the morning, be prepared to share this trail with other day-users including paddle boarders, windsurfers, canoeists, boaters, inner tubers, kayakers, and swimmers. There is a small $5 day-use fee to use this park. You can camp with your travel trailer rental at this scenic location.

Book your $99 pop up tent trailer in Bend today and go explore more tomorrow for less!