Travel Trailer Tent Campers Rent Before You Own

Travel trailer tent campers are addictive. Along with being the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have in the great outdoors their small size, light weight, and ease of storage make tent campers the go to way to experience adventures big and small in Oregon’s outback. We make it easy to own your own travel trailer tent camper or roof top tent with our partners at Freespirit Recreation in Bend, Oregon with a rent before you own policy. We’ll refund your camp trailer rental up to two days if you decide to purchase your own Freespirit Tent trailer or roof top tent this year.

That’s up to $499 off your next purchase!

1. Travel Trailer Tent Camper Convenience

Because you can tow it with your own car, once you arrive at the campsite, just unhitch your adventure tent trailer, pop your Freespirit tent in less than 5 minutes and then drive your vehicle anywhere you’d like to go. With full-size RVs, this is not an option, unless you tow your vehicle behind it.

2. Travel Trailer Tent Camper User Friendliness

The majority of adventure tent trailers can be prepared and set up, including bed making, in just less than 15 minutes. Way much easier than putting up a tent in the dirt and no one wants to sleep in the dirt. With a trailer combo or roof top tent set up you’ll soon find your time in the great outdoors more productive.

3. Pop Up Tent Trailer Portability

Our travel trailer tent campers only need a sedan, SUV, or small truck to tow them. They’re aerodynamically built and relatively light so towing them does not require a very big engine. The additional cash spent in gas is minimal. They are easy to operate, and you can drive them to anywhere you like, unlike full-sized RVs. 

4. Travel Trailer Tent Camper Storage

When you aren’t using it, your new adventure tent trailer is small enough to store in your garage. Because it’s so compact, searching a place to keep it is very easy. The best choice is to keep it in a protected area, but they’re able to bear up the elements. Full-sized RVs and trailers require special bigger areas designed to store them when they aren’t in use.

5. Protection From Elements

Travel trailer tent campers provide you with the feeling on external camping while being protected fully from the elements. The waterproof sides and roof offer total protection from the rain. Also, the sides unzip on peaceful nights, so you can revel in sleeping with fresh air. 

6. Travel Trailer Tent Camper Towing

The majority of travel trailer tent campers are sufficiently lightweight that they a light truck, SUV or larger car can tow them. Because they do not have that much weight and wind resistance is not available, your gas mileage isn’t hugely affected. Because you tow the tent with your own vehicle, you use your own car once you have arrived at your destination. 

7. Glamping Tent Trailer Adventures

Travel trailer tent campers offer the versatility of camping with tents above ground, in remote and scenic locations. You don’t need to stay at the campgrounds, yet can make your individual campsite if you like. The majority of models are adequately rugged to travel to your chosen destination.

Just let us know when you get back and we can have a staff member meet you at the showroom to pick out your new camping rig. Let’s play!