Value Roof Top Tent Rentals Bend, Oregon | $99 Adventure Trailer Rentals

Go beyond tent camping and rent a $99 roof top tent/backcountry adventure trailer this year in Bend. With Freespirit Recreation roof top tents you’ll camp in Oregon’s outback to pursue your passion for the outdoors in your ruggedly mobile home away from home. Book your $99 roof top tent camper today!

Roof Top Tent Rental in Bend Made Easy

With roof top tents from Freespirit Recreation, there’s no need to sleep in the dirt- ever! Our roof top tent and rugged adventure trailer combo’s are securely attached to Manley trailers from Australia and are ready to deploy instantly; just unfold them and lower the access ladder for an elevated view of snow-capped mountains, raging rivers, the Alvord Desert or the Oregon coast!

Our high tech and durable roof top tents can accommodate up to 4 people and makes camping easy.  From Bend, you’ll have weeks worth of adventures in Oregon’s wild and scenic locations. Just hook up and go!