Weekly RV Rental | Rooftop Tents, Travel Trailers, Tent Campers

Weekly RV tent camper rentals spent exploring Oregon’s backcountry have become a popular trend among adventure seekers. Families love RV tent campers because they offer the roominess, value, and rugged flexibility  to get you into Oregon’s scenic and wild outback. Couples enjoy RV tent campers because they’re perfect for exploring romantic country roads. Rent yours today!

RV Tent Camper Flexibility

RVing isn’t just for families, though. Groups of friends look forward to road trips in RVs because this type of travel method turns the open road into a place of fun and adventure. Older travelers enjoy taking long road trips in RVs because they offer a nice balance between being able to enjoy privacy and comfort and truly enjoying the great outdoors.

Renting an RV Tent Camper The Affordable Option

Weekly RV tent camper rentals make it affordable to enjoy an epic vacation in Oregon and beyond. Hotel rooms average $100 or more in just about every state, and it can cost much more depending on the destination. It is unsustainable for the average family to pay several hundred dollars per night just to sleep during a vacation. That’s why an all inclusive RV tent camper is the way to go, home, gourmet kitchen, and more all in one.

What Are Weekly RV Tent Camper Rental Prices?

The good news is that the cost of renting an RV tent camper for a week or more is a fraction of what you would pay for hotel rooms in the same span of time. Weekly RV tent camper rental rates make it easy to enjoy an affordable way to give every member of your family a comfortable place to sleep and wind down. To find the best deal on weekly RV tent camper rental rent yours at Big Mountain Adventures in Bend, Oregon today!